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Fri Jan 21 01:25:39 2022

cpu disk info inode memory raid trends

  devcpu:purple:11d06h41m disk:purple:11d06h41m info:green: inode:purple:11d06h41m memory:purple:11d06h41m - trends:green:
  noc2cpu:green:11d02h08m disk:green:72d00h28m info:green: inode:green:72d00h28m memory:green:72d00h28m raid:purple:24d19h38m trends:green:
  proxmox2cpu:green:12d00h44m disk:green:22h45m info:green: inode:green:72d00h40m memory:yellow:23h56m raid:green:72d00h40m trends:green:
  vh5cpu:green:1d01h06m disk:green:11d00h07m info:green: inode:green:11d00h07m memory:yellow:17h25m - trends:green:

2 events received in the past 237 minutes
Thu Jan 20 21:33:04 2022 vh1 disk red From -> To green
Thu Jan 20 21:28:03 2022 vh1 disk yellow From -> To red

No events acknowledged in the last 240 minutes

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